Friday, 3 July 2009


Mikey Masher
The Tudors

The camera angles in the title sequence were mostly close-ups and ¾ shots; this would suggest that the characters that were shown are very powerful and ruling.
When a character was shown on the screen there was gold in the background of it, but it firstly focused on the bright, shinning gold, this would signify that all the people who were shown with gold next to them were rich and powerful.
When the camera was not on the characters it was on the setting of the program, this angle that the camera was at was high and the position of the camera was at a birds eye view so you could witness the entire setting of the program.

In the title sequence there were many fast paced jump cuts, which showed the characters, the setting, props and a short glimpse of the characters acting, this suggests that the show itself maybe very fast and full of intense action.
At the start of the title sequence the name of the show appeared, the font was in times new roman which is an old font that they used in Tudor times. The title also had a sword within it, this creates a sense of fear and death because someone could get injured or even killed.

The theme tune was a violin playing and it was playing music that would never be heard in a modern day and age place. The music was very upbeat and had a very good impact on the show that it was about.

The mise-en-scene in the title sequence was very distinctive in the face of the lighting and the props used. As the lighting was shone upon some of the characters half of their face was dark whilst the other half was lightened up, this could suggest that this was used because that character is both sided and half of him is good whilst the other being bad/evil.
The props that are used in this case the clothes are light and dark which could suggest that the characters wearing dark clothes are evil whilst those wearing bright clothes are good.